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Traveling Light - The Art of Mixing and Matching Clothes

Your trip is booked, you've got everything you could possibly need pack and are heading to the airport. Who cares if you have a big suitcase - you already paid to check that thing! It's smooth sailing from here right?

What happens when you land and have to pick up that huge suitcase? Maybe you're only staying in one spot so it isn't too unmanageable. Just have to get from the airport to the hotel.

What about if you plan to explore different cities? Sometime you can leave a bag in the car, but who wants to drag a big, heavy suitcase into the hotel every day? Not to mention if you're taking the train or other public transportation you'll have to rent storage every day (try finding a place that takes full size bags) and try to fit it in the spaces on the train. NOT FUN! Even a carryon can get irritating in those situations, so why exacerbate it by over packing?

Choosing outfits for a trip can be tricky and even stressful, especially if you're planning on f…

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